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  1. Blimey had I met Alex at this time, I would have got it!
  2. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Having said that, I still have to vacuum the dog hair out! Ahem....
  3. Lovely little edit. Just sent the link to my Brother-In-Law as he is buying my Renegade off me!
  4. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Here is the You Tube Instruction Clip:
  5. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Hi Tim, Back seats up. Regards. Rob
  6. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Hi Everyone, You know 'the thing' when you order something, and then just leave it, until you decide to deal with it. Yes 'that'! Well here is the Dirt Dog Divider as shown in the pic. The instructions were on You Tube, and in my view it's not bad. HOWEVER, if you look closer, there is a small section on either side at the bottom which the divider doesn't cover. I'm going to see how I can cover this tomorrow when it's daylight as the Jeep has that naff velcro/ carpet fabric. Suffice to say, it, the material is akin to a strong mosquito net. Full review will come when I take the dogs out in it.
  7. Rob Wrangler

    Buzz Racing Vehicle Builds

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are well. Well, I went to visit Alex at Buzz a second time now, and the attached pic is what he came up with. Very happy with his work; Alex also sent me a clip as to what he did which is on social media (FB), and I'll try and upload to my You Tube. I live in Bristol and to go to where Alex is at Buzz; worth the drive. "Thoroughly recommend Buzz Special Vehicles"
  8. Rob Wrangler

    Complete newbie here!

    Post a pic Meg. Would love to see 'him'!
  9. Rob Wrangler

    Ragged the Renegade around a Pay and Play site

    Nice video! I've a Renegade too, and it fared me well when the Beast from the East was in full swing, and I had an emergency call-out right in the thick of it.
  10. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Just an update. The dratted item arrived today! Still in its box. I'll take a pic once installed!
  11. Rob Wrangler

    Wedding Car

    Nice Jeep and Reg!
  12. Rob Wrangler

    The million dollar question

    I visited Alex of Buzz a few weeks ago, and I'm hoping to visit him again in relation to a 2.5" lift.
  13. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Ahem. Quadratec informed me after I had placed the order that they were out of stock, and anticipate an early September arrival, and thats after I chased them for an update. I may decide to cancel if the delay continues.
  14. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Will do. I'll take a look at Dirtydog. Thanks Neal.
  15. Rob Wrangler

    Police Renegade on News

    I reckon it was because they saw the Renegade in the last Batman v Superman Movie.

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