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  1. Rob Wrangler

    Buzz Racing Vehicle Builds

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are well. Well, I went to visit Alex at Buzz a second time now, and the attached pic is what he came up with. Very happy with his work; Alex also sent me a clip as to what he did which is on social media (FB), and I'll try and upload to my You Tube. I live in Bristol and to go to where Alex is at Buzz; worth the drive. "Thoroughly recommend Buzz Special Vehicles"
  2. Rob Wrangler

    Complete newbie here!

    Post a pic Meg. Would love to see 'him'!
  3. Rob Wrangler

    Kahn Jeep Wrangler FOR SALE

    Before I bought my first JK, I researched most (if not all) custom businesses, Chelsea Truck being one of them. I think what turned me off, was Mr Kahn's 'interview style' when I watched one or two of his episodes on You Tube. Personally I think someone can be successful yet continue to be grounded, but thats just my view. I do find Kahn vehicles quite 'samey'; whilst nothing beats an original modded Jeep. Wholeheartedly agree with Jim above.
  4. Rob Wrangler

    Hi from Bristol!

  5. Rob Wrangler

    Hi from Bristol!

    Ha Ha. Thank you! I'll post a few more!
  6. Rob Wrangler

    Hi from Bristol!

    Hello Everyone, Hope you are well. I have a Renegade which is now passed over to my Wife, and I have become a Wrangler Owner for the first time. I really love it. It's a JK which I purchased from Jeepster Herts. For me, I think the beauty of it is that you can change the Jeep in so many ways, although my wallet is hurting a bit now :-). I've made some mods on it and I'm happy.....for now! Ha Ha! All the best. Rob

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