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  1. Exiled_outlaw


    Merry Xmas one and all ... hears to 2019 !!!
  2. Exiled_outlaw


    That’s pretty cool that !!
  3. Exiled_outlaw

    Dog Hair!

    I’ve heard pumice stone gets dog hair from carpet ..... I’ve yet to try it tho
  4. When do you need to know final numbers by .... I’m interested but won’t know till closer to the time if I’m availablr
  5. Exiled_outlaw

    Ragged the Renegade around a Pay and Play site

    That looks awesome !! Nice one always liked the renegades !
  6. Exiled_outlaw

    Morning from Southampton !

    Cheers all !!! Plans are a small lift And some grippy tyres some underbody protection and recovery points !! Just want to make it a bit more rugged but still reliable if anyone has suggestions Also need to fix the small issues on the jeep like folding mirrors not folding and some trim oh and also getting rid off that awefull 1.5 din headunit for somthing more aftermarket of anyone has any suggestions !! As for meets and events I’m always up for a road trip and a camp ... always saw joc at speed fest at brands as I’m a manic motorsports fan I used to own a Honda CR-V that I used for simple lanes but never made it to a play day !! That monstrosity cost me 750 and was only ment to be a winter hack .... ended up keeping it for 3 years lol !!! Again thanks for the warm welcome !! I’ll get pics uploaded ASAP
  7. Exiled_outlaw

    Morning from Southampton !

    Morning all my names rob ..... and I’m a first time jeep owner after years of dribbling over yj’s tj’s cherokees and more recently jks I’ve decided to buy myself a kJ Cherokee sport extreme 2003 2.8 crd auto. Had it since Friday and dispite a few minor niggles I absolutely love it!!!

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