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  1. Great to hear from you Geoff and Happy new year. Look forward to meeting up when its warmer to hear more Fastrac parts stories Oh yes, and my brother fell for John's Rubicon - you got to him in the end then
  2. Thanks for this roundup Neal - great to meet you and all. My brother put together a laid back little video here: Jeep Kielder Great to spend time at the hotel with Geoff and JerryG - my brother and Geoff are quite the double act! Looking forward to the next event! P.
  3. PDB

    Jeep Music

    Tom Petty - like his music and admired his resolve. Have intellectual property stolen and rubbed in your face is very personal. I ve never been burgled but talking to victims, thats how I continue to feel about my experiences. Wont back down.....well if I had the finances I wouldnt have! I ll jeep to that!
  4. PDB

    Jeep brand ambassador

    Well it looks a good set up Stew. And I can't imagine any sausages roll off that grill
  5. PDB

    Jeep brand ambassador

    You cant have eaten ALL the sausages Stew???
  6. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    That is a great idea V. I always feel its the front passenger that has the scary ride in a LHD over here; facing on-coming traffic without a steering wheel or pedals. Is your Ram one of these Geoff? The ultimate log recovery vehicle https://www.aev-conversions.com/vehicles/prospector-xl-tray-bed/
  7. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    Thats the plan Geoff. My sister had a brand new disco2 and had nothing but trouble with it. The disco3 currently has an intermittent issue with no pick up when accelerating.....always a lottery pulling out at junctions. I spent years being driven miles in a 90 and series 3 often in the middle front seat which isnt fun when your 6'3". One memorable journey it was minus 10C outside, which means it was about the same inside. Middle seat for 3hrs with smokers either side and a farting lurcher across our laps. It doesnt matter how capable something is off road if you re p****d off before you get there And why put in a middle seat when two people cant close the leaking doors without putting their shoulders out the windows??? We must bring him into the light ☝
  8. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    Excellent! Looking forward to sinking a couple of beers with everyone
  9. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    Great, youre going to Kielder! Ive roped in my brother as co-pilot so double the trouble! He is a land rover guy with a disco 3 and previously a modded defender, for hunting. Staying at the George Fri and Sat night.
  10. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    I once spent a frosty impromtu September night in Kielder forest without a sleeping bag or mat. Ended up with my legs down the sleeves of a hi viz jacket. Thought Id book the George this time round
  11. PDB

    Taken my shackle for a trip in the country

    Do you still have the WK Stew? Why a handful off road? Was it quadra drive or quadra trac?
  12. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    I still swing the axe for that reason Hank, but thankfully not through an unreasonable ex .
  13. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    I wondered if you d see it the same way Geoff as you seem to have some big kit. Clients could rarely understand that I couldnt pay them for the logs, but also didnt see that they should have to pay me to cut, split and stack logs for them .
  14. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    The issue is transporting them around - the costs in terms of time let alone diesel, then splitting them, drying them, storing them etc makes it a perk of the trade unless one has big machinery at hand. Its always worth stopping by tree work as you suggest Hank. Building sites are a very good option. But logs have value. In terms of dried split Beech logs vs heating oil, BTU for BTU, logs are more expensive.
  15. PDB

    Cutting Logs

    I looked at the amorak once but, I just cant reconcile myself to a 4x4 without a centre locking diff and low box. Especially a pick up with a high load capacity.

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