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  1. Just spotted this thread. What a ridiculous feature??? Getting the park pawl out on a steep highway is bad enough. This thread and others regarding costs and features shows that the wrangler in the EU at least, is no longer marketed at serious off-roaders. But then I suppose that viable market is commercial anyway, and they are buying Jap pick-ups like I used to, for VAT and AIA purposes.
  2. PDB

    Complete newbie here!

    Well it is still a FIAT Meg - with Jeep DNA for more capability. Like a Fiat Panda 4x4 PLUS. : )
  3. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    This is a closer pic. I first used the existing self tappers at the front but they couldnt hold the weight and fell out. So now held with nuts and bolts. Ill take some more pics of other guards on the ramps in sunlight next week. This guard will have to be shortened to just a steering guard for the superlift install, as it integrates its own sumpguard and frame to beef up the front end.
  4. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    This is the front steering guard. It is 6mm-ish alloy and bolts into the existing holes used by the factory plastic guard, but also extends under the front diff and sump to the cross member. I got this from benek_36 on ebay.
  5. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    Jeep - Down to my underwear!
  6. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    So with the Superlift and 285/70/17s she should look something like this.
  7. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    Side rear view showing low profile wing bars, window wind deflectors, and the go faster rear spoiler on the tailgate of the S Ltd version. These are the standard S Ltd wheels that are starting to corrode. The springs are sagging a bit, probably not helped by the heavy duty belly and sill protection. The only issues I ve had since purchase are the EGR valve; glow plug control module and plugs; front wheel speed sensor and; leaking axle seals. Not bad for 60,000 miles. 83,000 miles and two previous owners when I bought her from the dealer. It had had the gearbox control module replaced under warranty. In this time I have replaced all fluids and shocks. The sway bar bushes need replacing. So an underbody overhaul through a superlift seems due. I can keep her as a future AEV inspired classic for enthusiasts.
  8. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    And pics covered in morning dew after sailing through MOT. Lower front valance removed.
  9. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    This is the cut out name plate. Behind it are two theaded studs with a chromed type backing plate held on with nuts. My advice is take off the plate and hammerite the studs, because in 5 days it rusts over and looks....not a thousand dollars....or thousand pounds to be precise, which is what these eventaully cost me. Excellent service though. I ordered them Friday and they were at my back foor on Monday.
  10. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    The rear offside.
  11. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    Front offside of slider. I filled the sill popper hole with a plastic grommit. The sliders come primed and powder coated and I colour match painted to the jeep so they are a subtle slider. After a year mild surface rust is evident in places that can be easily sorted. I ll take them off and shot blast and coat with dinitrol RC900, then a couple of coats of raptor and then a colour code coat on top.
  12. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    I thought I d share the 4xguard sliders I imported from JBA in the states a year ago. They are a perfect fit, very well designed and bloody heavy! Oof. Careful if you plan installing these on your own with the jeep on wheel ramps whilst lying on your back like I did. You could get injured. 6mm steel and about 8 inches wide, they clamp the pinch weld underneath. The pinch weld isnt straight and the instructions state to hammer straight first. Hmm...didnt like that so I straightened it by steady clamping through incrementally tightening the bolts along the rail, ensuring it bends straight to the rail at each end. Then a row of self tappers secure it to the lower door sill and is finished off with a black silicone seal bead. The previous plastic sills have to be removed and there is no going back as the poppers fail. I had already wrecked my sills as the S Ltd sills are stupid and low from the SRT model. A small price to pay for S Ltd colour coded grill, SRT black leather interior, tinted windows and 4 x heated seats ( always a passenger crowd pleaser this time of year). More to follow...
  13. PDB

    Hi another new Guy.

    Welcome big Hank! Im just about to update my build thread which may be of relevance to your XK. Look forward to hearing about master and commander!
  14. Booked. Looking forward to meeting you all and possibly being pulled up inclines by a 'proper' Jeep with appropriate tyres.
  15. PDB

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Drool! Still got a classic look too. Thumbs up!

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