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  1. BigHank

    off road thursday 20th Dec

    Sorry same... WORKING. Have a good day
  2. BigHank


    Hi Jason Welcome to the club.
  3. BigHank


    Great thanks for the bookmark very useful, wish i just had more time to work on him.
  4. BigHank


    That's good to know if you have used them before. yes Jim they are but if your not 100% sure where the body is around it, i'm still very green with my Jeep knowledge. Lucky for me alot of you guys are helping me along. Also with looking at the US stuff they don't often include the diesel engine mods, often wonder if i should of got a Hemi and then LPG it.
  5. BigHank

    Newb from Lincoln

    A big welcome, hope to see you on the road or in the mud.
  6. Hey guys have a great trip so jealous couldn't make it, have fun get muddy and drive safe. I'm sure we will see some great pics.
  7. BigHank

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Hi Jim I can do dates in Jan
  8. BigHank


    I'm slowly getting a few parts together for my Commander, aswell as knowing he needs to go threw a MOT this month. So looking at brake pads etc. So a shout out to other Commander owners, i found this shop online with a great list of stuff for the Commander. They are called Rocky Road Outfitters and are in the US but seam to have good shipping rates. I'll be ordering from them in the future, one of the only place that i have seen that does a Snorkel for the Commander.
  9. BigHank

    Newbie to the owners club

    Hi Ian great to see so many joining the club.
  10. BigHank

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Hi Jim. I'm pretty new but not to far from Thetford, I've driven around the area a few times and could try and get to know more. My dad is ex USAF and still goes on Lakenheath so i could see if he could get to know about the bases. I'm ok for the 8th but understand if you would like a more experienced guy. Cheers Mark
  11. BigHank

    Summer Camp 2019

    Bedfordshire summer break starts 19/07/1019 to 02/09/2019. summer camp sounds great,mid August would be nice.
  12. BigHank

    Newbie from London

    Hi Nils and welcome. I live just north of London, so there are some of us about. I'm pretty new and need some off road coaching, i'm on the list to go with the group on the Slindon safari in Feb. Happy Jeeping
  13. BigHank


    Great pic, i know the site well not to far from me. I camp quite alot one reason why i got my Commander, Jeeps and camping go hand in hand.
  14. BigHank

    Complete newbie here!

    Welcome to the club, Once you go JEEP you never go back.
  15. Hi Stewart Yes i'm in please add me to the list for Slindon, i would of gone to Kielder but its along way from Bedfordshire. Cheers

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