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  1. Big Yes ! But did ok and the event had i bit for everybody.
  2. Thanks to everybody involved in arranging this day, First Jeep day i have been on and it didn't disappoint. Very well organised and the club so helpful and friendly, great day. Even the wife couldn't fault it LOL, she had a good time. Hank took a bit of a Hit, the bar is ment to be straight but that how it goes and what he was made to do very happy with how he performed. (Can't seam to see or view the video clip just a big space)
  3. BigHank

    Just joined

    Great to have you on board here, look forward to seeing your Jeep. Mark
  4. BigHank

    Sore left leg when driving JKU

    Its the same even in the big Commander, there is a big lump where the clutch pedal should be. So your leg has to angle inwards towards the brake, i've got size 12's so it is lacking driver foot room.
  5. What is the most members that have been to an event like Slindon ? The list is getting pretty big
  6. Don't worry there will be plenty of pretty new one's at Slindon, like myself. Sunday will soon be here.
  7. Hi James and welcome to the club Hi Tim.. I was thinking what you were thinking about the picture. We will see ?
  8. BigHank


    Ok will do, cheers. A couple of things i read it was about seats and position and even seat belt buckles.
  9. BigHank


    Well Hank got a nice lot of wheels and bigger tyres yesterday, pick them up for a bargin . And i know i've done it the wrong way round because he needs a lift but the tyres fit for now without hitting anything. But ?? The Commander was fine for a day then the airbag light comes on and off for a bit, do you guys at the club think it's connected with the new Tyres ? Cheers
  10. BigHank


    Well it's that time of year to put Hank (the Commander) in for his MOT, so before he goes in i think i need to do the front pads and discs. I must say that they have been the easiest discs and pads i have ever changed on any car i've owned. Good old Jeep.
  11. Thanks for posting the dates it might just work, i come back from Sweden the day before. Just need to clear it with the Family .
  12. Great thankyou for the info, see you there.
  13. Hi. just seen the post about spouse. So can i put my wife's name on my membership so she can have a go. Cheers
  14. I'll go with that Paypal went straight threw no problem.
  15. Hi guys.. great to put some faces to jeeps, great place for a meet, drive safe. See some of you at Slindon.

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