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  1. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Jeep obsession

    Hi @Yellow At the moment I ham ''hell bent'' on a TJ, theres reasons personal to me why revolving around family members and the like, its become clear that the desire for a ''TJ' is in conflict with the space required for camping materials but I am a sentimental type in this situation so Im pretty convinced the TJ will over ride the need for space.
  2. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Jeep obsession

    Hi @TimC Ive been looking knowing that ill not be buying until this summer at the earliest and have found they do seem to be rare, im coming round to the fact that I might need to accept its unlikely to be Unlimited and pack the truck better given the less space in the back, im sure i can utilise the roof for camping gear to and from site so that im not too top heavy when we go out 4x4ing.
  3. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Jeep obsession

    Yes, i've seen a few of these from Jake, he actually lives out of his Jeep as I understand it, I seen a few around this s''Stelth Camping '' concept
  4. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Summer Camp 2019 - August 08 to 11 Now Confirmed

    Just noticed you asking about school hols ithis summer further up the thread, ours run from 25th July until 1st September.
  5. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Jeep obsession

    Hi @BikerSco , I'm already obsessed no doubt about that, I'm looking to get a TJ Unlimited this summer and basically convert it in to our camping vehicle with cooking sliding draws in back and just the one seat in the rear.
  6. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Jeep obsession

    It was at the ''Yorkshire outdoors'' in Felixkirk, Thirsk, it was a day for me and the family, my 6 year old is now wanting to record his height so that he knows when hes 5ft and can have a go himself:)
  7. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Jeep obsession

    We are newer than new to the jeep community given I have yet to buy my first but ive been keen for a long time, this weekend was my first time offloading in a Jeep and it was awesome, with my wife and son in the back we were all smiling from ear to ear the whole time:)
  8. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Summer Camp 2019 - August 08 to 11 Now Confirmed

    Thank you for the reply, most appreciated, cant wait to find out more:)
  9. TJ - Playoutdoors

    Summer Camp 2019 - August 08 to 11 Now Confirmed

    Hi Just curious as to when the details for this years summer camp will be issued, Im very interested in the event after taking a look at last years details?

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